Undergraduate program “Public Administration”

Form of study:



Almaty city, 1 micro-district, 81

Course duration:

4 years

Course fee:

900 000 Tenge, the possibility of obtaining grants and discounts

Language of study:

Kazakh, Russian and English, at the student’s choice

About the program

Our Public Administration program is aimed at training high-class managers to work at all levels of the civil service, private companies and non-profit sector organizations. Graduates of the program are fluent in not only theory in the field of administration, but also the methods of making administrative decisions both in the conditions of stable development of the state and during crises.

The concept of training future civil servants helps to strengthen public consensus, the emergence of genuine citizenship and the prosperity of Kazakhstan through training, education and science.

The main goal of the Program

Preparation of bachelors on the basis of relevant theoretical and practical knowledge, taking into account national and international standards and with the aim of providing them with an optimal set of competencies for practical activities in the field of state and local government, as well as for the further development of an academic career.

Mission of the Program

  • Production of an “exclusive” educational product that meets the needs of the most picky “customer”;
  • Creation of the most favored nation treatment for the professional formation and development of each student;
  • The formation of a new political and administrative elite.

Feature of the Program

Compared to other universities, we have undertaken increased obligations to produce highly qualified personnel for the needs of the state apparatus and its satellites. Brilliant world examples in the field of public administration, policy & affairs “jewelry” are incorporated and adapted by the program taking into account domestic realities.

Our program is distinguished by balanced and coordinated discipline – a serious fundamental preparation in the field of social and human sciences is combined with a deep study of applied disciplines.

An important competitive advantage of the program is the unprecedented level of economic and mathematical training of students for GMU programs.

The practice-oriented and expert-analytical bias of the program is expressed by research seminars and design work.

What am I going to study?

You can find the curriculum of the educational program here.

Where am I going to work?

  • state bodies and local governments;
  • financial institutions;
  • research institutes and think tanks;
  • commercial organizations;
  • non-profit organizations;

In addition, if you wish, at the end of the bachelor’s program, you can continue to study in the master’s Program. Graduates of undergraduate programs do not have privileges for admission to the magistracy – all applicants pass exams on a common basis, but our students have an advantage in view of the fundamental bachelor’s training, which allows them to successfully pass the entrance examinations and continue their studies in the Master’s Program.

What kind of tasks will I be able to manage?

  • to develop and participate in the implementation of development projects;
  • to develop administrative regulations, performance indicators of ministries and departments;
  • to accompany the activities of coordinating, deliberative and advisory bodies under the President, the Government, and executive authorities;
  • prepare draft official conclusions, reviews and financial and economic justifications for draft legislative and other regulatory legal acts.
  • involve NGOs in solving pressing social problems and assist them in this activity, based on the best domestic and foreign practices.
  • carry out financial analysis of projects;
  • manage the process of redistribution of financial resources between various entities of the financial system and within them, carry out activities to attract and efficiently use financial resources;
  • conduct an assessment (audit) of the financial condition; ensure procurement activities