Publication Requirements

The editorial board of Narxoz Law and Public Policy Journal accepts publication materials corresponding to the specified thematic profile of the journal. The proposed manuscript must comply with international scientific standards, present the results of the original author’s research and be published for the first time.

Articles are accepted directly from both republican and international scholars and experts in the field of law and public administration. Applicants, undergraduates, graduate students and doctoral students submit an article for consideration to the editorial board with a review of an independent scientist on the profile of the article not from among the members of the editorial board.

Articles are published in Russian, Kazakh and English.

Before the immediate text of the article should be attached:

– information about the author (full name, degree, academic title, position and full name of the place of work, organization address with index, e-mail) in Russian, Kazakh, English;

– An annotation in three languages ​​(150-200 words), which reveals the relevance of the topic, subject of research, purpose of the work, methods, novelty and main conclusions.

– 5-6 keywords in three languages.

The text of the article and all accompanying information is presented in the following order: article title (Russian, English), abstract (Russian, English), keywords (Russian, English), full information about the author (Russian, English) , article text, bibliography.

The paper version is printed on one side of the sheet. The volume of articles accepted for consideration is 8-12 pages, typed in the Microsoft Word text editor in Times New Roman font, size 14, single spacing. Justified. The indent is 0.8 cm. The upper margin is 2, the lower margin is 2, the left margin is 2, and the right margin is 2.

The author indexes his article by the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC).

The author cites footnotes with end-to-end numbering. The bibliography and notes are made out in accordance with GOST 7.1–2003 “Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General requirements and compilation rules. ” When linking to Internet resources, the author, title of the text, website / portal, full electronic address of the material, date of opening are indicated. At the end of the article is a bibliography of the used literature in alphabetical order in the original language and separately in Latin transliteration. The lack of a bibliographic list may cause a refusal to register an article. Each source from the list must be referenced in the text.

The electronic version is submitted in .doc or .docx formats as a single file on electronic media or is sent to the e-mail of

All materials sent to the Editorial Board are submitted for review.

Payment for publication of materials is 5,000 (five thousand) tenge, which are paid into the current account. We will spend this money on proofreader and layout.

Payment details:

Forte Bank JSC, Almaty

IIC KZ6196502F0009001125


BIN 980341000286

When paying by bank or postal order, it is necessary to confirm the payment by attaching a Scan or a paper copy of the receipt. Works executed without observing the specified requirements sent after the deadline will not be accepted for printing.