Ethical principles of the authors of the journal

The editorial board of the journal “Narxoz Law and Public Policy” in its work is guided by the provision that each author who sends his manuscript to the journal agrees with the following ethical principles:
  • The list of authors of the manuscript lists all the persons who made a significant contribution to the preparation of the manuscript material, and only they.
  • All co-authors initially agree with the choice of the only representative of their team as a contact person for negotiations with the Editorial Board. The same contact person is responsible for informing the co-authors regarding the progress of negotiations with the Editorial Board.
  • The author (s) submit to the Editorial Board the results of an original scientific research. Bibliographic references are presented on the materials of third-party studies necessary for the preparation of the manuscript, which are designed in accordance with the requirements of the Narxoz Law and Public Policy Journal.
  • The text lacks unformed quotes, incorrect borrowing and plagiarism.
  • The author (s) are fully responsible for all the material provided, ensuring that they do not contain falsified or fabricated data.
  • The manuscript has not been previously published and is not simultaneously transmitted to other journals for review.
  • Self-citation is limited to a maximum of 5 article links.
  • The graphic material presented in the manuscript is either original and belongs to the authors of the manuscript on the basis of copyright, or is made out using bibliographic references.
  • The author of the article is a person who was directly involved in writing the article, developing and collecting material, analysis and interpretation. The authors team independently resolves any questions on authorship; this area is not within the competence of the Editorial Board, but the editorial staff reserves the right to suspend preparation of the manuscript for publication in the event of a conflict between the authors.
  • Authors have the right to indicate other persons involved in the development of the article, but who have not made a significant contribution, in the “Acknowledgments” section.

Unethical behavior of authors

  • In case of violation of ethical principles by the authors, the Editorial Board first contacts the authors to determine the causes of the violation, and then reserves the right to withdraw the article from preparation for publication or an already issued issue.
  • If the fact of plagiarism is proved, then the Editorial Board reserves the right to reject the manuscript of the author and terminate cooperation with an individual author.
  • If the fact of plagiarism is discovered after publication, the Editorial Board reserves the right to withdraw an article from the journal.